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Personal: Blood Moon


Some of you may have missed seeing this beautiful event on October 8th as I almost did.  Don’t get me wrong, I woke up at 5 a.m. thinking I had missed the eclipse completely. I jumped on the computer, ran a few searches and realized I was over an hour early….whew, right?  Wrong.  There were great moments of seeing the moon and then clouds came out of nowhere.  The moon played peek-a-boo with us over and over again. We could see the eclipse starting to happen so Billy (my husband) woke up our two oldest children to see this magnificent event. They became bored after 30 minutes and grabbed flashlights and ran around in the dark with our dog, Lexie, while she chased after her shadow. Anyways, about 15 minutes before the moon was to go into a full eclipse a new set of clouds rolled over. I prayed that the Lord would give me just a glimpse of the “blood moon” and the clouds opened up for less than 3 minutes….long enough for me to grab a few frames and then the bloom moon was gone again. Billy took the kids inside and started getting them ready for school while I lingered for another 15 minutes hoping I could see it again. The blood moon was gone. For me, someone who adores the clouds and the moon, a dream was fulfilled. I am happy.